Monday, March 8, 2010

Here we are..........

It all started while making the perfect organic brownie. It turned out so rich in texture and taste, and still pure as the day is long. Then one thing led to another, cupcakes , cookies , until finally everyone wanted them. Then it hit us like a bag of pure cane sugar. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have these wonderful treats around whenever you wanted them? Our fans really thought so. “Let the mixing begin!”
Peacecake became the masters of “mix and bake” organic baking mixes. We use only the finest organic ingredients so that the finished cupcake, muffin or cookie is the best quality tasting baked good you ‘ve ever tasted. With our easy to follow directions, and by picking up a few ingredients at the store, you’ll be ready to mix up a mouthful of “yum” in no time at all.

We also take pride in our Vegan mixes for our friends who have chosen to enjoy their food in a whole new way of light. We understand how difficult it is to find a great tasting dessert without the things you don’t want, but enjoying everybite and really not missing a thing!

Then there are our fans who cannot eat wheat or gluten free products. We haven’t forgotten about you. Our line of Gluten Free is growing all the time. We use separate utensils , measuring cups, and equipment when putting together these special mixes. We take great measures to avoid any cross contamination.

We are an innovative “outside the mixing bowl” kind of company. You never know what we will be coming up with next. From Vegan Carrot Top Cupcakes ,to videos on our blog showing you all the ways to use your Nilla Bean Cupcake Mix. Along with the pride we have in all our yummy mixes , our fans keep us always on our toes. So check out our delicious mixes and tell us what you think.

“Find your purpose and you’ll find peace”
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