Monday, January 24, 2011

More Reasons to Go Organic.....

OK-we know your trying, but you must try harder! Its more important than ever to eat organic. I'm not trying to scare you here but the facts are the facts. There have been enough articles and studies done out there, and its time to really get serious about this. You realize that most non-organic foods have been sprayed with toxic chemicals that are just not fit for human consumption don't you? These toxins accumulate in your body and over time can cause many health issues.

Its true-non-organic fruit has been sprayed with poison. Its that simple.

Another advantage of organic is that it makes for a clean body, which makes for clean skin, which then will give you more energy. This is just good stuff! Don't you want to just feel better?

Oh-here is another good thing about eating organic . Its such a green thing ya know! Organic farms practice ecological farming practices, and by you supporting them, you are making a statement you would like your foods "free of toxins". But if your still not convinced, the last point I have to make is this. Organic foods just taste better! That's all!

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