Friday, December 31, 2010

Its the last day of the year. Last evening of 201o. Begin the evening with a time honored favorite, champagne! Always the drink of choice for a celebration, and tonight calls for celebration. Getting together with friends ,and or family to look back on the past year. Its a time to recall the events that took place, our accomplishments, and all the moments in between. Which brings us to new beginnings. Yes, new beginnings. Let's say it together!
Well then, its time for the last drink of the evening. Champagne! To celebrate as the clock hits midnight. To look ahead to what we have planned for the coming year. Our hopes, dreams and goals for 2011. This is a chance to put your best foot forward for a new beginning. So lets go- make a few resolutions you know you can stick to . Make it happen! Tonight, lift that champagne glass and toast to "new beginnings" ! Happy New Year to all our Peacecake fans and followers. All the best to you and your family in the coming year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Vegan? What are you baking with?

OK-so we're finishing out another holiday season of baking all kinds of things for friends, family and just about anybody we were willing to share our festive holiday baked goodies with. So -what did you learn from this baking season? Did you make some healthy changes to the recipes? Did you make some good substitutions for the better of the baked good?

Just some food for thought.

If you're baking Vegan, its so easy to use a vegan margarine instead. You should also try using unrefined coconut oil which is solid at room temperature. Canola oil works well with agave because its a liquid sugar and the two work well together.

Milk is probably the easiest ingredient to substitute. By using almond milk you will add a nice richness to your baked goods along with a subtle almond flavor. OK, not so bad. We like that!

Coconut milk will do the same, with a subtle coconut flavor , but also giving some nice body to your baked good. If you choose rice milk. Not a problem, its just a bit lighter, but works well also.

Go on, just a lil more baking before the New Year, and everyone takes a break from cookies and cake while they enjoy salad leaves for all of about 3 days. Then, we come back to reality and whip up some brownies. Because, that's just what we do!

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