Monday, December 13, 2010

Bundle up in orange!

Oh what a great thing color therapy can be. Especially on a cold winters day. As the temperature drops, ice particles form on the sidewalks, and the wind rushes towards your face,

be sure to go out that door happy! Certain colors can actually promote emotional well-being. It has been used throughout history to create moods. In recent decades, psychologists have put together tests to demonstrate that color really does dictate how we feel.

So, to enhance happiness, stay away from black, deep violet and blue. These colors can increase depression. During this busy holiday season, nobody has time to be "down". So then, what color should you surround yourself with? According to color therapists, orange is the color of "happy"! The color orange can promote optimism, happiness and enthusiasm. The color red can also be a uplifting color , however, its not recommended for overly excitable personalities.

So pick up some orange flowers today, put on an orange sweater or bundle up in an orange coat.

Get orange, and get happy!

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