Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kick off the holi-days with a new kick.

So now we are in the 6 week period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Do you look forward to the holidays with anticipation and cheer? Set a new tone this season by changing things up a bit. Add a new color to your decorating style you don't normally do. Call a friend from way back you have not spoken to and reconnect. Seems like your always baking the same gifts to give away or for family get togethers? Try out a new recipe or add something new to the old ones. Oh-here's a good one, why not change the message on your phone? Record a cheerful holiday greeting . That should set the tone for the beginning of a fresh new season!

Today, for just a moment, figure out what the holidays mean to you and how you can add a little change and zest to your usual December routine of getting ready to give!

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