The face behind the brownies?

Hi- I’m Sharyl! I began my “foodie life” many, many, many 
years ago at Culinary School at Johnson & Wales. I then
went on to learn the ways of preparing food by spending 
a year at a Culinary School in Paris where I was 
able to really fine tune my eating skills. I came home to 
become an Executive Chef for several years at various 
places.  entered and won a few culinary contests. Then life 
and reality came crashing down. I decided to stop, have
 a family and raise my kids. What an adventure that’s 
been!  While posing as a personal shopper and chef, 
laundress, transportation specialist, caregiver, housekeeper, 
gardener, nurse, and social director for my family for 
20 years, I was ready for a change.  I sent my oldest off to college, 
my youngest to high school and said to myself, “now what”?

Throughout the years, I had always entertained and thrown lots of events where 
food was always the main attraction!  My kids grew up eating quality food and 
some pretty amazing dinners that I don’t think they’d realized until recently. And 
dinner was always together as a family as it should be! One day, as I was measuring 
the flour and whipping the butter, I developed a line of organic and gluten free 
baked goods that ended up “wowing” many of my friends, fans, and family. And so 
it was born. PEACECAKE!
Sometimes we find out what we are meant to do, simply by accident. 
Sometimes we don’t.
I guess you could say throughout the craziness of the “family years”, I more or 
less, found myself. (Well, most of myself) .These mixes are easy and purely delicious
with only good stuff! I hope you’ll love them as much as I do. Please feel free to email
me or blog me and let me know what ‘ya think.

“ find your purpose, and you’ll find peace”
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