Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, Sugar Sugar!

There are so many sugars out there. No, really, so many choices its hard to decide what is good, and good for you to use in your food. For example, there are so many natural cane sugars that are available to us on the market now. How do you choose? Its best to look for a natural can sugar that is moist and has an appearance very close to that of brown sugar.
You want the grain to be fine, as fine as you would see in a white sugar. You don't want your sugar to be dry or dusty in texture. This is absolutely going to make a difference in your final dish. Do I even need to remind you that the package should say, organically produced and if possible, fair trade certified. Once you stumble upon the brand of sugar that you prefer, stick with it. Soon it will dissapear into that next batch of what ever you're making and the quality will be all that and more.
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