Monday, May 3, 2010

Let Go Of That Cookie......

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Sometimes its hard to let go of certain habits or ways that are so familiar to us.
We cling to the status quo because the familiar is so comfortable to us.
Soon, we finally realize we must let go of a bad habit, a relationship that does not work any more, or something that needs to be out of our world.
We realize just how much a part of nature we are just like everything else in the world.
Things are born, they blossom and grow, then wilt and die. So do the different aspects of our life. New ways about us are always being born,and we should not cling to something past its time. We should give that cookie to someone else and embrace something new!
You know how good that first cookie was!
Give this one away- embrace something new right now! You must let go of that cookie!
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