Monday, December 20, 2010

As we wrap up the season.....................

Its important to remember that its really all about "giving". Have your children go through toys they are not playing with any more and give to those who have not.
Let them help in wrapping the gifts, taking part in the giving process makes them feel special too.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen and bring the kids to help out.
Are you teaching your kids about the power of the words,"thank you"?Just a simple handwritten note to someone showing that whatever they did or have given was greatly appreciated. Remember that an email is just not the same. Its more meaningful to sit down and just take a moment to write it out.
A home cooked meal or baked goods to a family in need is a great way to give something back this holiday season. Children need to see us doing it first.......the "good" ways will follow.
Food for thought during this busy week......

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