Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few forgotten power foods?

Are stuck in a food rut eating the same foods all the time? Well, here are few choices you really need to consider adding to your everyday meals. Not only are they packed with all the good nutrients and vitamins your body needs, they are yummy substitutions for the same old , same old.

First, let me reintroduce you to kale. Did you know that one cup of kale (steamed, not overcooked) can give you double the vitamin A you need for a day? Kale also gives a healthy dose of calcium. Well, maybe you need to take another look at kale ,and add it wherever you would leafy greens.
Here's a kale saute' with cranberries and pinenuts . Just a suggestion!

Barley is another. Barley is full of protein, fiber and potassium. Have some barley as a side dish instead of rice for a change, or just add it to your next batch of soup. Packed with fiber, you will just be filling up on something that just makes sense to add to you diet.

Oh yes, and don't forget the lentils. Lentils supply about 40 percent of the daily requirement for protein and 65 percent of the daily requirement for fiber. Its a great source for B vitamins, and copper, with zero fat!

Just a friendly reminder on a few forgotten power foods.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep the pesticides out!

The more organics we buy , the more pesticides we keep out of our soil ,and eventually our bodies. So some of you are saying, "Yes, I get that, but its more costly to purchase organically."

Maybe, yes, but its more nutritious, better tasting and there are no toxins. Think about that for a moment. Do your own taste test. Buy some conventional produce ,and then the similar organic version. You will be surprised at how much better they taste, and free from toxins!

If you're just starting this process, then, just make gradual changes at first. Start by purchasing only organic produce. It will be a balance at first between whats available to you, and the cost. Beginning this process will not happen immediately. It will take time to make the changes.

But do make the changes!

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