Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...end of the summer garden

Well, here we are on our farm at the end of another summer. With so much work done in the vegetable garden in the past few months, you would think there would have been more tomatoes and blueberries coming into the kitchen. There were lots of deer around this past season, along with some other lil fellows we were not able to identify. Thats ok, whatever was grown this summer was greatly appreciated. How wonderful it is to slice up the peppers and fresh thyme with some chopped tomatoes you grew in a purely organic garden that was given all your attention and love. Even over some of the warmest days of summer, we were able to grow some veggies that seemed to be happy and lovin every minute of the beaming sun. You really appreciate the flavor , taste, and time that was given to grow such wonderful things.
Hmm....what to plant now?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Find a peaceful "third place".

It happens, we all get stuck in the same path of going from work to home and then back. Not much in between, and getting into a rut of the same daily places. For many years now, sociologists have said we need to find a "third place" where we can go and get some perspective. Where you can stand outside yourself and get a different look at life in a whole new way. Some people find that place in a familiar restaurant, favorite shop, or a place they meet up with friends. Some would prefer to be around a large crowd of nobody they know. Others would just like to get lost for a little while and for a new change of place.There are many benefits to having a "third place". Do you have one yet? Think about how it would inspire you and shake up your day, your week, your life. If not, there no time like now to go find one.

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