Thursday, April 1, 2010

I baked this without eggs!

As you know by now,our vegan,and a few of our gluten free mixes do not use eggs. Avoiding eggs can be a tricky thing, but its certainly possible with the new ways of baking today. With the new advances in vegan baking,we can all feel better about our free range friend,the chicken.

In muffins, the eggs add moisture, and help keep all the other things together to help make it more delicious. Ok, so heres where it gets tricky. Say you don't want those eggs in your muffins. There are store bought versions of egg replacements you can purchase, but we don' t care for those products in our mixes. We think its better to add organic mashed banana and/or organic applesauce to the mix. They add just the right moisture ,and help with binding all the ingredients together . So out of the oven comes a muffin without the eggs. Yes, baked by you!
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