Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The perfect fat to bake with?

Your baking and well, one of the key ingredients can sometimes be an oil. This is especially true if you are veganizing a recipe. The addition of oil is the addition of fat. The oil provides the flavor and flakiness to your cookies and pastries. Fats also add a certain richness to your finished baked good. Here's the thing, many people add too much fat to a baked item. Its just not necessary to get the same results. Start with small amounts of oil, and add more if you find it was needed . I know it would be after the fact, but sometimes it takes a few times to come up with that perfect cookie!

Which brings us to the perfect fat. Well, its by choice, however, remember that oils from vegetable , nuts, or seed sources are going to be the best bets for providing us with the nutrients our body really needs. Always buy organic, cold pressed and minimally processed nut oils. Walnut, coconut, flax seed, olive and soy are great choices. These can be added to your recipe to replace the fat you've decided to replace. Remember to store these oils in the fridge till you are ready to use. This prevents rancidity.

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